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Nonsense Night: Where the Weird Things Are

  • Tangent Gallery 715 East Milwaukee Avenue Detroit, MI, 48202 United States (map)

-Benny Bettane
(international handpan extrordinaire)

-Infinite Third
(Remember You Are Dreaming)

-The Nonsense Man
(Zak & What Army?)

(J-Rose & Phoenix)

Also starring:
The Weerd
Armegeddon Beach Party & Co.
Brenda Lopez Lopez
Tree Lore Talismans
The Knights of Nonsense

-Nonsense Night is a randomly reoccuring gathering of art & sincerity & chaos & Luv that welcomes all creatures to come exactly as they are & Be The Strange We Wish To See in OUR world.
-Nonsense Night Detroit is the original manifestation of this culture of magic & currently takes place once a month at the Tangent Gallery.

HOW MUCH does NONSENSE NIGHT (7/15/17) cost???
-$10 if costumed for the theme "Where The Weird Things Are" (animal, creature, monster, weirdness, anything “abnormal”) 
-$15 if you're coming to absorb & observe “the show” as a civilian. 
Our headline musical acts this month are international touring professional WIZARDS of their craft, so this is sure to be a priceless experience! 
We gleefully accept all additional appreciation$ & bestow them to ‘The Nonsense Fund’ for future doings.

-right at 7pm if you appreciate some time before the cacaophony starts to socialize & watch the magic build
-if you wish to walk right into an already bustling wavepool of luvely chaos.. 9pm & on it's typically pretty lit yo.

-there is a $5 secure lot that will ensure the safety of your vehicle.
-parking somewhere dimly lit & 'risky seeming' is an interesting choice. If you're going to do that, take all valuables out of your car & maybe leave a window open. A wise turtle once said "you lock your door, you get a broken window" :)

-the theme is essentially just "Weirdness"
so anything from an animal onsie to a fullfledged character cosplay is totally appropriate.
-The $5-off for being in costume does not mean wearing a dollarstore mask or throwing on some bunny ears when you see this post. Costumes contribute to the magical atmosphere. If it is clearly observable that you are about to be part of the magic & not 'just' observing it. You should get in free-er.

HOW can I HELP make this night MORE MAGICAL???
-wear a weird creature costume or dress up like you're magicalest self
-bring a drum or acoustic instrument & when there is not a performance happening, throw down by the bonfire!
-Respect everyone including yourself. Don't do ANYTHING that effects someone else's experience without their mutually enthusiatic consent.
-BE EXCELLENT TO EACHOTHER!!! There are so many ways that YOU can make someone else's night more enjoyable. THEE best part of Nonsense Night is the wonderful humans who attend & the antics that ensue. This is not merely a concert or show. This is about getting folks together to dissolve our nonsensical ideas about the limits of human goodness. 
Luv does not make sense.
Lets get weird with it.
;) ♥ ;)

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